Large Halters with wrapped noseband





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The colors shown are what we have available now.

These color options will vary depending on the

colors we are able to purchase.
Scroll down for rope info.

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All colors are $18.50 each.

Color Options 

  navy blue

Navy Blue; noseband

wrapped in black



Purple; noseband

wrapped in black


  Colonial Blue

Colonial Blue; noseband

wrapped in black


  royal blue

Royal Blue; noseband

wrapped in black


  charcoal with white & green

Charcoal with White & Green;

noseband wrapped in Hunter Green


  black rope

Black; noseband

wrapped in *black


*We can substitute Royal Blue, Red, or Hunter Green for the noseband.

Please email us with your choice or note it in the comments during checkout.

  orange with black

Hunter Orange with Black;

noseband wrapped in black


Rope Information

The halters are made out of 3/8" diamond braid polypropylene rope, this is not a stiff rope. 

We are considering stocking other types of rope. Let us know what you're looking for!


Polypropylene rope is very strong and resistant to moisture, however, it will deteriorate if left out in the

sunlight, as most products do.

If you do not see your color preference listed below, please email us with your request
before you place an order.
We can also make several of the same color for your equine group or club.

We do not recommend leaving a halter on a horse when turned loose, either in a pen or in a pasture.

Please be safe and consult a professional trainer if you have any questions regarding the handling of your horse.






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